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Harsh Rajput: A Boy from Bihar made World's Fastest Growing Comedy YouTube Channel

Harsh Rajput
Harsh Rajput - YouTuber

Harsh Rajput: An Introduction

Harsh Rajput is born in a small town named Aurangabad in Bihar. He did his schooling at DAV public school and graduating from Magadh University. And as usual, the people of his area start doing preparation for Government Examination. He spent a lot of time in Delhi doing coaching and stuff and life was kind of monotonous there. One day, He came across a friend who was doing theatre that sounds fascinating to him and his friend invited him for his play. He went there and that was a magical experience for him. The next morning, He joined an Asmita Theatre Group, Delhi. Later, He worked with different theatre directors in Delhi, and in 2019 He moved to Mumbai but things didn't work there and suddenly the pandemic hits in 2020.

He was lucky to move to his hometown a day before the national lockdown. Then this lockdown happened and several months passed. He had a camera and he also had made some short films while he was in Delhi. But as usual, he got about 400-500 views. During this lockdown, He thought that he should make a video. He thought about a funny reporting character and made his first video. It got good views on YouTube and then He made the second video on YouTube 'Dairy Milk' and it became viral. Several pages shared the video but few gave him credit through that about 20000 subscribers joined his channel. It was Aug 2020 and he kept making videos. But currently, he has 394000 subscribers on his YouTube Channel.

His Achievements:

Harsh has given 3 Viral Videos in 8 months from Aug 2020 to April 2021. The Harsh Rajput channel was the world's top growing channel in comedy from 6 May 2021- 8 May 2021 (Source - NOx Influencer ). One of his Short Videos has 33 million + views. His videos are running on WhatsApp status and almost every phone contact is keeping his videos on their status.

According to harsh, The biggest one is that he daily gets comments and messages from people who are watching from isolation in which some of them have a fever, and when they watch his videos, they genuinely feel good and they are laughing and enjoying his videos.

His Struggle Story:

The sudden change of line was difficult for him. In fact, after doing theatre all these years and going to Mumbai and then putting all his savings on expensive equipment and shooting videos was pretty risky. Even after his first viral video, there were several months that were tough for him. Views were not coming on his videos and he was also not generating any revenue from it.

He even thought of quitting YouTube, then this video happens Corona Me Shaadi and it was so viral on every platform on Twitter, Instagram and so many. Various Journalists shared the video. He has now about 394000+ subscribers and he is growing rapidly now on YouTube.

Learning from his Life:

Never stop dreaming and for that dream fight till your last breath. All these months, He kept making videos there were lots of problems but he didn't give up. He kept moving forward and all his hard work brought results for him. And, now he is one of the fastest-growing comedy channels in the world.