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Mangesh Shinde: The Journey from YouTube to Building 3 Companies


Mangesh Shinde - WillStar Media
Mangesh Shinde - WillStar Media

Mangesh Shinde: An Introduction

Mangesh Shinde is a media entrepreneur, speaker, and content creator. He is the founder of WillStar Media which provides marketing solutions to several brands. He is also the founder of Blue Eye Entertainment and Resolution Studios is into content creation and provides video/animation services to corporates. He started his journey with his YouTube channel known as “The WillPower star”. Now, he has more than 2.5 Million+ subscribers base on his YouTube Channel and Social Media.

Mangesh has always been this Curious kid from childhood itself. He used to spend most of the time exploring new things and trying to learn everything that caught his attention. Mangesh was a kind who would question everything - why what and when!! He wanted to know everything! Moreover, this charming kid was also good at academics. In the second year of engineering, he started his first side hustle business which was supplying flowers to hotel and events management companies. Which eventually failed in the third year, without grieving over it he started a few more business ventures which eventually failed terribly. He printed his visiting cards on the first day of his business before even thinking of the business model. So why wouldn't it fail? Though he failed, he never forgot the lessons learned from the experience. Due to lack of concentration, he wouldn't do well in the exams and had to face a year down. Mangesh looked at it as an opportunity to explore the startup world. He tried his hands on everything from selling second-hand cars to building WhatsApp-based consultancy services. He worked on several application-based ideas but all failed. He considers it as a great year for him because he learned so many things in the actual practical world.

His YouTube Journey:

This is the time when Mangesh came across YouTube and got to know that money can be earned through YouTube. Mangesh has always been great at communication. So, he started his first YouTube but failed here again but after one failure he understood the game of YouTube and that is when he started The Willpower Star.

Willpower Star was not an overnight success but he was consistent on content creation. But he soon lost focus on YouTube after he joined his first job. His first job was all about marketing and that is where he learned the necessary soft skills. He was working in a multinational company and was getting a handsome salary yet he was not satisfied with the job. 

So he started exploring again. He researched a lot and found a great idea. It was a WhatsApp-based broadcasting service. He started it with his current business partner Dipak Barkale. He used to provide business motivation and self-improvement content daily on WhatsApp. They used to get their content from the Internet. After a month they realized that they need to give original content to the viewers and then they started working on their YouTube channel again. The WhatsApp business failed in the startup but the YouTube channel touched 1 million subscribers within six months.

His 3 Companies: 

After he touched the 1 million mark on his YouTube Channel, he received a mail from a brand for promotion. It was quite new for Mangesh. He saw a huge potential in this influencer marketing field but he was aware that he won't be able to do everything alone. So, he started hiring people and some of them became his partners. In December 2019, he started his first successful company called Willstar media.

In the first six months, they faced lots of issues but they managed to be consistent and slowly it started showing results. Now his partner and friend Nayan Tiwari handles all the day-to-day operations of Willstar media. During the pandemic, the team thought of starting new YouTube channels but Mangesh was super busy with the startup so he planned to hire a writer and voice artist to start a new channel and he did that and within three months, it became a great paying asset for them. So, they started four new YouTube channels in different niches by hiring new writers and voice artists and all of them are doing amazing today. Now it is all handled by his third partner Moyeez Kagad

Recently, he started selling the e-learning course on his YouTube channels and it is also doing great. They are planning to increase the frequency of courses in the coming future and all the YouTube and e-learning courses work under the startup BlueEye Entertainment. Mangesh and his team have huge plans for this company on which they are currently working. In December 2020, they realized that there is a huge requirement for video production and animation services in the market so they started their new venture Resolution studios where they are working with some well-known YouTubers and Brands.

3 Lessons from Mangesh:

1. Failure is a part of the journey but if you are stubborn about your goals no matter what you will achieve them. 

2. Don't make decisions out of enthusiasm, analyse the risks, do your research and make informed decisions. 

3. Consistency is the key to success.