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Khushi Panjwani: A TEDx Speaker and CEO of DigiXlance and Startmenoww


Khushi Panjwani
Khushi Panjwani

Khushi Panjwani: An Introduction

Khushi Panjwani is a college student and the founder and CEO of DigiXlance and StartmenowwDigiXlance is an influencer and digital marketing company and Startmenoww is a startup based advisory company which helps you to execute your business idea into successful business. She is also a best seller author, tedx speaker, writer, digital creator, public speaker, social-preneur, NSE certified investor, and 3 times world record holder.

Her Achievements:

Khushi and her work has recognized by many firms and she is awarded in various fields, "Humanitarian excellence award", "Best entrepreneur of the year award", "Most deserving award" Star book of World Record", "Vajra world Record", "Best achiever of the year", "Best Content creator", "Independent Icon Award", and "U.K. Books of record".

She has been invited as a speaker in TED Talk, Various Colleges and Clubs. Also, She has been a guest speaker in World's Largest Youth Community AIESEC. She has been featured in Dainik Bhaskar, Taare Zameen Par National Magazine, MPDC Kindle, Outlook, Mt.Kenya International Paper, and associated with and CEO of Star Foundation(Award-Winning Organization).

Her Struggle Story:

Her struggling life started back in 2017, when her bestfriend betrayed her and everything happened to her was in opposite direction. She was quite depressed that time. But, from writing her own feelings in a paper to get featured in newspaper, she enjoyed the roller coaster ride. Moving forward, Life never comes easy again. She faced a lot of struggle in her startup for finding clients. Ingredients were ready but the clients were not responding to her. That period taught her the real meaning of hardwork and sense of "Never Give Up".

Learning from her Life:

She has been regardingly learnt this thing that nothing comes easy in life. If you want to achieve the heights of success, then leave your comfort zone right away. Our comfort zone is a drug which kills our dreams.