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Harsh Agrawal: Founder and CEO of NEETero

Harsh Agrawal
Harsh Agrawal - Neetero

Harsh Agrawal: An Introduction

Harsh Agrawal is a student, educator, and founder of NEETeroHe is from a Small town named Chandur Railway in Maharashtra. His Primary Education (1st-7th) was done from a Government Aided School in Maharashtra Board from a Small town named Dhamangaon Railway in Amravati District of Maharashtra. In class 8th, he took a decision to incline his education to the CBSE board (Which was a big task and a big change for a student who always survived in a Government-aided school). He took admission to Podar International School in Amravati, Maharashtra. Science was the field that used to fascinate him to the core but our education system which he felt never satisfied his appetite. So at that time, he felt that there should have to be a revolution in our education system which will focus more on application-based learning. He was always a Science Enthusiast, used to participate, and won many District Level Science Exhibitions.

His Achievements:

He has started his Entrepreneurial Journey with NEETero as CEO and Co-Founder with aim of changing the perspective of education. He got a Publication (Tychos Model:- Our Geoxial Binary System) recognized from Stanford University, Johns Hopkins University, and the University of Maryland in Sept 2021. He completed a Diploma in Theoretical Physics from Stanford University in Aug 2021. He is currently doing a BS in Physics from Stanford University California. He got 99%ile in JEE Mains without having Maths as a Core subject in 2020. He is also IPhO International Rank Holder in 2019. He has been awarded twice as Aspiring Physicist in 2019 and 2020. He has been helping, teaching, and mentoring 3000+ Students through NEETero to Crack NEET.

His Struggle Story:

Learning was never an easy option for him. He used to struggle a lot with the traditional methods of learning. While choosing his Career Option, he had immense interest in Physics, Medicine, and Commerce Management but he never got an option or way to pursue his interest. So at last in 11th, he chooses science and decided to go with Medical. While he was preparing for competitive exams, the ranks of toppers used to fascinate him and he used to follow their strategies but they never actually worked for him. So, that led him to develop his own strategy and framework.

Physics was his constant companion and used to spend hours and hours learning it. There were times he was to be reminded that it had been 15 hours that he had been seating and studying. Back in 2018 itself, he realized that the studying pattern of many students is wrong which eventually fails them to clear exams and he was very much motivated to change this system. So in 2020, this motivation turned into reality and he co-founded NEETero with some MBBS students from different parts of India and eventually mentored, educated, and Guided 3000+ Students and helped them achieve their dream.

Learning from his Life:

Failure is the first step towards success, analyzing what went wrong is most important. Your Competition should be Me vs Me. You should be Better than Yourself which you were yesterday. Stop comparing with others. Follow Passion and dedicate yourself to it. Eventually, success will come to you. The strategies which may have worked for others, may or may not work for you. Try to believe in yourself and make a plan which suits you.

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