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Kit Chilvers: Founder and CEO of Pubity Group


Kit Chilvers
Kit Chilvers - Pubity Group

Kit Chilvers: An Introduction

Kit Chilvers is the founder and CEO of Pubity Group. He is born in Manchester Area, United Kingdom. There are 16 big Instagram pages that come under this Pubity Group. It has a combined following of 80M people. Their tagline is "We love playing the game of attention and we are pretty good at it".

Kit's Story of Building Pubity Group:

During the 2014 World Cup, He set up his first Instagram page Footballnewz. From the very beginning, He loved posting about football stories/pictures and not long afterward realized he was getting a big following. The numbers fascinated him and as the account grew bigger, He started thinking of other accounts to build. As he got older, he was being contacted by marketing agencies asking for campaigns and suddenly he realized he could do this as a job.
He was still at school at the time and the teachers often told him off for being on his phone all the time. He used to have to hide in the toilets at break times to post updates – He would have had his phone taken away if they’d caught him.
While he was in his last year at school, He was contacted by Ladbible. Solly, the owner, told me he’d heard all about his work and asked if I’d like to work at Ladbible. He told him he was still at school, so he set up an apprenticeship program. As he was only 16, he asked if he could bring a friend to also work on the program and so he took Iyrah along.  After some issues around hiring 16-year-olds, they found an apartment to live in and they moved to Manchester and started working at Ladbible on their Instagram accounts.
While he was at Ladbible his father helped run the accounts he had already set up. These included footballnewz, dadsaysjokes, Pubity, and others. It certainly kept his father busy. They also set up a footballnewz website and he sold sports posters. So, he knew a good business could emerge from all these accounts at some point.
After he left Ladbible, He started building Pubity into a much bigger account. By 2017 meme culture had become very popular and he guesses he was in the right place at the right time. At the same time, his current business partner Iyrah was building Memezar and smaller accounts such as Jokezar, Gamezar, Girlyzar, etc.
They chatted with Solly and Iyrah and he decided to merge their two companies into Pubity Group and Solly/Ladbible invested in the business. His partnership with Solly and Ladbible has been a fantastic experience. They are based at Ladbible’s Manchester offices and Solly has become his business mentor – as well as a good friend.
They are looking at a number of different strategies as they grow Pubity Group, so watch this space.
Regarding the growth of their pages, He guesses they were in the right place at the right time. He is not sure you can grow dedicated or meme pages in the same way anymore. There are a number of strategies to grow a page, but Instagram is a far more mature platform now – and it’s changing all the time with new features. The best approach to grow your page is to keep up with those changes and put the work in. His attitude has always been that you put the work in and things start to happen – but it’s a lot of work. Nothing comes easy in life.
He guesses regarding achievements, he is just happy that he has built a company around the work he enjoys. Any rewards from that will be an added bonus. He is very fortunate to have Solly and Ladbible backing us – it’s helped him to build the company far more quickly than otherwise would have happened.

Learning from his Life:

For aspiring social entrepreneurs, his only advice would be to put the hours in, work hard, think about your community. What do they want to see? The community on his pages is the most important aspect of his work – without them, he doesn't have a business. So you need to think about them every time you post. Is this the right content? Look at what they’re saying, how they’re engaging. It’s key to growth.