About Me


Nishidha Bagayatkar: The Creator of FactStar


Nishidha Bagayatkar: An Introduction

From childhood, She was always an introvert, not talking much with people, but always keeping the special ones close to her heart. Having fun with the handful of people she feels comfortable with. Regardless of that, She was always a smart kid, people often adored her for her personality, smartness, and behavior. From her childhood to her college life people have always loved her. She became the College Queen during her fresher year. That was probably her first achievement, and she felt like a celebrity. All the students around her were clicking pictures with her and she felt great.  It was an unexpected thing for her because it turned out great. 

Later on, in her second year of college, She started focusing more on her studies, joined programming classes, and was fully focused on getting into the IT field. She was doing her BSC Computer Science degree. It was all going good. She was getting interested in this field and she had multiple plans for going abroad and working as an IT professional.  But then suddenly our first lockdown happened and everything got disturbed. One of her friends once suggested to her that as she is introverted and too quiet, why not start a Youtube channel so that she will open up to people and build her personality because she had that potential in her. And Eventually, she agreed. She had started doing videos before covid happened and posted them on her IGTV to check the response of the audience and she got a really good response on her videos, which just motivated her and she kept doing that.

Journey to FactStar:

During the lockdown, She met Mangesh Shinde through a mutual contact where they needed a creator to handle a new project named Factstar. She joined him immediately without even thinking because she wanted to know more about Youtube and this was a great opportunity to work with a  Creator with 2 Million subscribers. They started working and she had a team that helped her and supported her every now and then which kept her going. Within 6 months, they had crossed 100K subscribers which was a huge achievement. She too knew that 100K in 6 months is a bit impossible for any new YouTuber. Once again within the next 6 months, they had already reached 500K which was again a winning moment to her. Currently, FactStar has 948K Subscribers. 

Her Struggle Story: 

If she talks about struggle, her struggle started from the day she decided to make videos. She was not camera conscious but she was not able to speak in front of a camera. She fumbled a lot and always thought that this was not her cup of tea. But still, she never gave up and kept on practicing and doing videos, and eventually, that made her more and more confident. As it was a lockdown when she started, she used to do all the things by herself at home. And when she used to record, even her family members were shocked saying, " Itna kyu chilla rahi hai as she was a soft-toned person, but even she had to record and needed to speak loud and fast which was quite a bit of a struggle for her.  But still, she never had a single thought of giving up. She chose what she loved and the universe helped her in the whole process of achieving it. Now she has chosen social media as her career and she feels happy about it

Learning from her Life:

* Choose what you love, you will grow and grow in your career like anything. 

* Trust the process, even if you are struggling now you will get good results at the right time 

* Karma is a Real thing.  Do good to people and with yourself too. You will surely receive good in some way or other.