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Ankit Yadav: An Introduction

Ankit Yadav Wealth Manager USA is the Founder and MD of Market Maestroo. Market Maestroo is the YouTube Channel whose main objective is to make people financially literate, spread awareness about finance and make videos especially in HindiOnce upon a time in his childhood, Ankit was on a train journey when he found a book of Warren Buffet and started reading it. This was the beginning of his investment odyssey. Since then, he had learned a lot about investment. Because he belongs from a small town, there are many difficulties that he had to overcome in order to build a reputation for himself in a major metropolis like Mumbai. But when all of his shares started doing well, it shattered all records, and his name was written in the list of performers. Later, he became a Wealth Manager from the United States and launched a YouTube channel called Market Maestroo.

His Achievements:

Ankit Yadav Wealth Manager USA has developed the formula for intrinsic value for the first time in the world. Intrinsic value is a notion that Ankit represents as the stock's MRP. For example, behind every product is written the MRP, which is the fair price of the product, and one must only pay that amount for that specific commodity; and the specifics of his theory are presented on his website, which may be found at ankitintrinsicvalue.in. Economic Achievements of Ankit: Furthermore, he created a number of economic estimates.

1. Because the bond yield inverted in 2019, Ankit predicted a recession in 2020, which came true in the form of the Covid pandemic, which the entire world had to face.

2. Later in 2020, as interest rates fall globally, he predicted that the next recession will occur in 2023 as a result of central banks' monetary policy.

3. Ankit, in 2020, predicted that crude prices will be about $80, when crude was trading around $20-$30 per barrel. Today, in 2022, the crude barrel rebounds to $90, confirming Ankit's sensational prediction.

4. In 2020, Ankit forecasted that the inflation rate of USA will reach a new peak rising to over 10%. According to the US government, the current inflation rate in the USA is being around 8% in January 2022. Again, it appears that Ankit's projections make logic. Current Projections:

1. Because the stock market is a forward indicator, Ankit predicts that the next global recession will occur in 2024 or 2025, as a result of inverted bond rates. The action begins in the stock market around 2023, and the global stock market may follow a bear trajectory. Achievements of Ankit in Stock Market. 2. Ankit predicted that YES Bank's intrinsic value will be Rs.10 when it was trading at Rs.300. Today, in 2022, the YES Bank share price is about Rs.12, resulting in another astounding forecast from Ankit.

3. When IRCTC's IPO is at Rs.300, he anticipated that the share price would soon reach Rs. 1500-2000, and subsequently, in 2021, before splitting, the IRCTC share price is being traded around Rs.2000, which is yet another incredible projection from Ankit.

Apart from that, he has a YouTube Channel named Market Maestroo which has currently more than 700000 subscribers. Ankit net worth is estimated to be in the range of 10 to 20 crores as of 2021

His Struggle Story:

Ankit belonged to a small town named Bhilai, Chhattisgarh. He had to deal with a variety of difficulties, such as a lack of technology, a less developed city, and so on. Sometimes he has to move to stations in order to use the internet. Even when he relocated to established areas, he encountered a slew of issues, which eventually dissipated as he succeeded. People did not trust him at first when he made such predictions, believing he would fail. However, as time passed and all of his predictions entered the scene, there was no turning back for him.

Learning from his Life:

Here is the Top 3 learning from Ankit's Life:

1. Always believe in facts and figures, rather than just lying on emotions. Always be a rational person.

2. Always balance between your greed and emotions in life. Never be greedy when the time is good, and don't be upset when the time is bad.

3. Always follow the process & discipline. The result won't come until you follow the process and the result won't matter in life. What matters most is your consistency and how to approach towards the situation.