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Surendran J : Founder and CEO of Success Gyan


Surendran J
Surendran J - Success Gyan

Surendran J: An Introduction

Surendran J is a Founder & CEO of Success Gyan which is India's first professional and personal growth platform. While growing up, Surendran was an A-Grade student and wished to study at IIT Madras. Unfortunately, he couldn’t achieve that to support his family after his father had a paralytic attack when he was in the 6th grade. He then decided to join the Polytechnic straight after his 10th grade so he could start working at the age of 18, after receiving his diploma. When he was in his third year of college his father passed away.

He pledged to host a session with Brian Tracy for his network of family and friends when he could afford it after seeing the influence on his own life, and later in his career he did. After receiving such a great response, he then continued to bring additional renowned international trainers to India every 90 days due to popular demand, and in 2014 partnered with Success Resources from Singapore to take it to the next level.

His Achievements:

He founded Success Gyan, one of the largest personal and professional growth platforms. He went from being in debt to running multi-million businesses. 

Under his leadership, Success Gyan has become one of India’s top training platforms empowering numerous people to transform their lives by offering world-class education and training in all key fields.

His Struggle Story:

Surendran has gone from major financial hardships to be able to empower others. He gave up on his dreams to start working early and supporting his family. He gave up on his dream of going to IIT Madras and went to Polytechnic so he could start working sooner. His first job salary from HCL was not even enough to cover the interest of his loans. His businesses after that also saw many hardships. It is only when he went for a self-growth session with Brian Tracy that he was able to transform his life.

Learning from his Life:

Surendran is a Man on the Mission to transform the lives of millions and help them to achieve their goals. The biggest learning from his life is that we should Never Give Up and keep reinventing ourselves.