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Varun Mayya
Varun Mayya

Varun Mayya: An Introduction

Varun Mayya is a well-known Entrepreneur, Author, and Content Creator. He is the co-founder and CEO of Scenes. He has also co-authored the book, Pyjama Profit along with Abhinav Chhikara. It is an ultimate guide to millennials for a sustainable freelance career. Varun recently received the Best Education Influencer Award by Entrepreneur India at the Influencer Summit & Awards 2021.

His Success Story of Building the Scenes:

Varun Mayya, a computer grad from Manipal Institute of Technology, was an early beginner in the startup ecosystem, having founded his first venture, Jobspire at 19. The popular Indian recruitment platform saw nearly 190,000 applicants sign up and over 1,500 companies. Jobspire not only became one of the youngest teams to raise VC money but also saw an exit for an undisclosed sum in early 2017. Later he began digital freelancing for clients in the United States.

Currently, He is running a company named Scenes. Scenes is the ultimate community platform for enterprises, educators, and creators alike to build a social engagement suite. It is a platform that allows forum, chat, and live audio-based discussions with your community audiences. Scenes is also backed by big Investors, Influencers, and VC firms. Some of their Investors include Kunal Shah, Gaurav Munjal, Roman Saini, Tanmay Bhat, Raj Shamani, and many more.

Learning from his Life:

The biggest learning from his life is that Age is just a number to do any big things in this world. There is no certain age for starting a startup or raising a VC fund. He has proved it already by raising a VC fund at the age of 20 and currently running a multi-million dollar startup named Scenes