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Sameer Kumar: An Independent Hustler Living a Lavish Life in College at 19


Sameer Kumar

Sameer Kumar: An Introduction

Sameer Kumar is a Freelancer, Influencer, and an Investor. He is currently studying in 3rd Year at RIT (Roorkee Institute of Technology). He started his freelancing journey in the very first semester of his college. He is basically from Bihar and currently staying in Roorkee, Uttarakhand. 

His Journey and Achievements:

He started his journey by managing accounts of other Micro and Macro influencers and go to know more hacks about Instagram Growth. Later on, He started helping other people to grow their Instagram accounts. By doing all these things, he manages to make 35000-40000 INR in a month.

Along with that, He is also an Influencer with 33000 followers on his Instagram. He has 2-3 more passive sources of Income. He makes money through his brand collaborations also. Apart from that he also loves investing. He invests most of his savings in the stock market and recently he has also started investing in Startups. He has invested in a startup named The Kulhad CafĂ©. He loves living a king-size life. He managed to buy an iPhone, and a bike, and now he is planning to buy a 2BHK flat by himself. He loves traveling in his free time. He also runs an NGO named Samli Foundation. On his last birthday, He has distributed food to 1000 poor children. This is something his biggest source of happiness above anything. 

Learning from his Life:  

"Age is just a number" is something we can learn from his life. We just have to dream high and keep working on ourselves to become the best version of ourselves. If you also want to become independent while being in college, then keep figuring out what is something you are really interested in doing it. Keep upskilling yourself for that particular thing and you will be unstoppable.