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WyeFest: Let's Make It India's Biggest Virtual Event


Goal: 500000 INR

Amount Raised: 500 INR

WyeClub: Our Introduction

WyeClub is one of the India's leading Media Company. We are on the mission to publish the stories of achievers which matters the most. 200000 peoples are visiting our website on monthly basis and get inspired from our stories published on our website.

Our Website: www.wyeclub.com

What is WyeFest:

WyeFest is a virtual event which is going to be presented by WyeClub. WyeFest 2022 is the first season itself.

Here is some brief about WyeFest:

* There is going to be virtual competition among the participants.

* There will be 8 debatable topic will be shared. You can pick only one out of 8 and then you have to present your notion for the same topic you have chosen either in favor or in against.

* There will be 4 rounds and every round will be knock out round.

Note: More information we can't share here about the events. More out this competition rules will be shared when we launch this event. It's going to be very fun and challenging at the same time. One should not miss the chance to participate in this event.

# There will be lot more thing in this event will be happening like interaction session with the entrepreneurs and some of the big creators of our country.

Stay tuned to us for further update about this virtual event WyeFest by joining our Telegram Group: Join Now

Why you should support or sponsor our this fundraising campaign:

* First of all we are going to keep free entry to all the sponsored supporter of this campaign.

* We want to make it India's biggest virtual event. So without the support of you guys, this will not happen. Only our funds, resources or manpower won't make this happen.

* The event we are planning is going to be the unique, full of fun and challenging at the same time. This will help us to recognized on international level. There is no bigger motivation than this to support this campaign.

* We are already inspiring the youth of our country through our real stories of the achievers through our website. Lakhs of people has been already loving our work and this is just the one step forward to inspire the nation and just building something which helps us to recognized on the International Level.

How we will use this Money:

* Prize Money: 1 Lakh INR

* We need volunteer who will work with us for one month to make this event successful. And for this grand event we need at least 50 volunteer and we will pay 5000-8000 INR per volunteer according to their work load. It will cost us around 3 Lakh - 4 Lakh INR. 

* Additional we require goodies, merchandise, gears to make it more full of fun and feel the vibes of this grand event. Goodies we require to give to the winners and also to the jury panel, entrepreneurs and creators we invite. It will cost us around 1 Lakh INR. 

Thanks for your support Guys *