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Rakshita Singh: The Woman Who Pays Her Own Bills at 20


Rakshita Singh
Rakshita Singh

Rakshita Singh: An Introduction

Rakshita Singh is a Medical Student, YouTuber, Entrepreneur, Educator, and Instagram Influencer. She was born in a typical conservative Haryanvi Family on July 7, 2000. Both of her parents are teachers. So, they always asked her to focus on her studies. She was not allowed to use any social networking sites even after getting into college. She was just another girl fighting for her dreams and being in a society of “Log Kya Kahenge”, it was always difficult for her to do what she actually wanted to.

Her Achievements:

Rakshita is a woman who is paying her own bills at 20. She is educating lakhs of students through her YouTube channel where she has already managed the Silver Play Button. She is one of India’s Youngest Educators with a following of 40000 on Unacademy which she joined on 12 July 2020. She is earning money in six figures every month at the age of 20. She cracked NEET in 2019 and pursuing MBBS from a Government College. She has huge followers on her Instagram account.

Her Struggle Story:

Since her parents were teachers and it was already decided for her that she will be going for science in her class 11. Her dad asked her to prepare for engineering exams. So, She did for one year. But in class 12, She changed her stream to medical. She had no idea about how to study biology and everyone in her class used to make fun of her about her decision of changing the stream. With her class 12, She wrote NEET but failed badly. She just scored 291 marks. She went for a drop after arguing a lot with her parents.

Next year, She managed to qualify for the exam and got into a government medical college. Since she was fond of teaching, she applied to Unacademy in the very first year of college but got rejected. So, She decided to start a YouTube Channel even after being trolled a lot by her friends and seniors. She kept working and somehow managed to do good. As she was growing on YouTube, she received an offer letter from Unacademy. But, She rejected the offer letter 2-3 times. On July 12, She decided to join Unacademy. She was among the top 10 educators within one month of joining. She was the youngest educator on Unacademy at that time. She was managing all this along with her own studies.

Learning from her Life:

Good things don't come easy. Slow down and don’t rush into things. Let your life unfold and wait a bit to see where it takes you and take time to weigh your options. Always remember no one gonna supports you. You need to walk your own path. Don’t fear to make mistakes in your life but fear only not correcting those. Stick to your gun and rock it.