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Ganesh Prasad and Parsh Kothari: Founders of Think School


Ganesh Prasad - Think School
Ganesh Prasad (Left) Parsh Kothari (Right)

Ganesh Prasad and Parsh Kothari: An Introduction

Ganesh Prasad and Parsh Kothari both are the founders of Think School. Both are equal partners of Think School. They together founded this company and started their YouTube Channel by the name Think School itself. Parsh handles the operations and Ganesh takes care of the content. They run an online school that has pre-recorded and live courses. They focus on teaching skills that can put money in your pocket. Traditional Schools would teach you all kinds of bookish knowledge which have little or no use in daily life. People have graduated from colleges but still do not know how to get a job. At Think School, They hand students the relevant skill to communicate in any situation, prepare a perfect resume and apply for jobs on LinkedIn. Through their content on YouTube, they intend to help budding entrepreneurs and businessmen to learn from established companies and apply the same strategies to their startups or business.

Their Achievements:

Ganesh and Parsh have registered their company Think School LLP in 2019. As of now in 2021, They have 658K subscribers on their YouTube Channel and 150K followers on Instagram.

Their Struggle Story:

They were two boys (Parsh Kothari and Ganesh Prasad) who started with no idea about online education, no money in the bank, and no guidance from any mentor back in 2019. They are just two passionate engineers who were disgusted with the education system and wanted to somehow come up with a system that if not replace but complements the current system. With 25000 rupees of their savings, they rented out a small place nearby and started teaching students skills like public speaking, problem-solving, resume writing, etc. They had more than 100 students until the end of 2019 and they were immensely satisfied with the change they are bringing to the lives of young people. All they wanted to do from here on was scale this up. So, they visited all the colleges in and around the area, sometimes with permission and sometimes without. Due to the bureaucracy of the system, it again did not allow them to penetrate. That's when they knew, they had to build their own school to create an impact. That's when they took Think School online.

Learning from their Life:

You should not rely on anyone, no one is coming to help you. You have to help yourself. Surround yourself with the people who are on the same mission and work hard for your goal. Money should never be the end goal otherwise you will end up doing things you did not set out to do.

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