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Swadhin Kishan: The Youngest Quora Influencer

Swadhin Kishan
Swadhin Kishan


Swadhin Kishan: An Introduction

Swadhin Kishan is an influencer and writer. He is in 12th standard and currently studying in Shivam Convent. He is from Patna, Bihar. He is actively putting content on Quora. He has also written an ebook called "Think before you Overthinking". 

His Achievements:

As a 17 years young boy, He has crossed 2.2M content views on Quora and even published his first book on Amazon Kindle, which was recognized by many people worldwide. He has also been a YouTuber and earned a good amount from that. He has more than 1200 followers on Quora. He has also done paid promotions on his Quora Profile.

His Struggle Story:

Since childhood, He is always fascinated by trying new things and exploring new domains in his life. He has started his YouTube channel when he was in grade 8 and also generates revenue of 200 dollars and that was his first achievement. But he couldn't continue it at that time because studies were more important to him. When he was in 10th standard, he used to read answers on Quora and learn a lot from people and their journey. After reading a lot of answers for one year, he also got attracted to reading and writing. Right after his 10th board results, he posted his first answer. Even after posting more than 10 answers he didn't even cross 2K views and was a bit upset, but not demotivated. He started improving his writing and now he started getting views. Now people started recognizing him. He crossed his 10K views with 20 answers and 100K views with 25 answers and 500K views with 32 answers. And currently, he has crossed 2.2M views and more than 1200 followers on Quora with just 71 answers. He got enough fascinated with writing that he decided to publish his first book. Since he had no idea about writing professionally and where to publish and how to do that. After a lot of research, he decided to publish it on Amazon Kindle as that was most favorable for his condition. He mostly used to write answers on self-development on Quora. So, he decided to write a book on the same topic. It took him 13 days to complete his short book which he wrote on Overthinking and how it affects our lives, and so he named it "Think Before You Overthinking ". Till now it has been read by 200+ people on Kindle and even he has received his first payment from Amazon too.

He thinks life is meaningless without struggle and problems but if we get scared by that then we can't do big things. When he first started writing, he faced a lot of criticism about grammatical mistakes and bad content but slowly he made things right and people started appreciating him. He didn't have his personal phone or laptop because he didn't need that time. So, he used to get less time to post answers with his father's phone and while writing his book with the phone. He faced a lot of difficulties but still what matters is what you do with the thing you have rather than crying for what you don't have.

Learning from his Life:

The most important thing that he has learned is to keep patience. You need to work hard even if you do not see the results and no one is recognizing you. Hard work never goes wasted. And the second most important thing is to learn Skills. Apart from just being good in academics, you need to be good at atleast one Skill. It can even be just speaking confidently, dancing or painting or anything you like. Believe me, it will boost your confidence too.