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Haseeb Khan: The Journey From a Running a Shop to a Standup Comedian


Haseeb Khan - Standup Comedian
Haseeb Khan - Standup Comedian

Haseeb Khan: An Introduction

Haseeb Khan is a Standup Comedian. Along with Standup Comedy, he also runs a shop where he provides online services like passport, pan card, etc. He was an average student in school. In 6th Standard, a Hindi Teacher insisted him to perform in a school event and she said to do anything like singing, dancing but just do something. It was her duty to ensure that every student will participate. He decided to tell jokes from newspaper and other children loved it. He started loving stage presence and then did anchoring in 7th Standard and so on. He used to do teachers mimicry in 9th Standard to 12th Standard just because he loved the stage.

His Achievements: 

He was the Topper in School in 12th Standard with 87% in his State Board. He won the Bhopal Inter School City Slogan contest on Environment in 2011. He has also cleared the AIEEE Examination. He won many Open Mic Competitions with Cash Prizes in Standup Comedy and also won Some Online Comedy Events too. Recently, he has released his first YouTube Video which has Crossed Over 3.7 Million Views on YouTube & Gained 150K Subscribers.

His Struggle Story:

He dropped out of B.E(Bachelor of Engineering) from 2 different Colleges. One from T.I.T College Bhopal in 1st Year then from M.I.T.S Gwalior College in 3rd Year. He started teaching English in a CBSE School and then left the job after 1 month. He has started a YouTube Channel where he was teaching English Online. Later on he realized this is not for him. He has also started doing Programming and Website Designing but he didn't get enough break in it. He has done over 150 Open Mics in Bhopal & over 150 Mics Online on Zoom before releasing his first Standup Comedy Video on YouTube. Its hard to do Comedy initially because there were no money in starting. You need to invest good amount of money in starting to do standup comedy. He has somehow managed to invest that kind of money by himself and started his career as a standup comedian.

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Learning from his Life:

Just take calculated risks in your life in order to follow your passion. Make good friends and hang out only with the positive people. Life is Short. So, do your own thing because at the end nothing matters.